FOSBER Replacement Parts – TFL-FOS-94

FOSBER Illustration Flow Diagram

CST Systems now offers replacement parts for BHS and FOSBER corrugators.

Our Slitter Blades are OEM quality, forged with the best tungsten carbide steel and guaranteed for excellent durability over time. They’re also available with special titanium GOLD coating, which eliminates surface starch residues. Our Grinding Stones are OEM quality, made with the best synthesized materials for a long duration of sharpening over time.

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Teflon Anvil

Part #: TFL-FOS-94

FOSBER Code: 2750230502
Material: White Teflon
Dimension: 94 mm
Quantity: 100 Per Box


FOSBER Slitter Blade Part No BL0002

FOSBER® Slitter Blade

Part #: BL0002


FOSBER® Slitter Blade

Part #: BL0003


FOSBER® Slitter Blade

Part #: BL0004


FOSBER® Slitter Blade

Part #: BL0005


FOSBER® Slitter Blade

Part #: BL0020

FOSBER Slitter Blade Part No BL0004

Grinding Stone

Part #: ML0004

FOSBER Slitter Blade Part No BL0005

Grinding Stone

Part #: ML0005

FOSBER Slitter Blade Part No BL0013

Grinding Stone

Part #: ML0013

FOSBER Replacement Parts Chart