Anilox and Ink System Cleaning

Anilox and Ink System Cleaning

Our anilox roll cleaners are dedicated to getting anilox chambers & ink systems clean and then keeping them clean. Instead of just slowing down the build-up of old, dried ink until anilox rolls need to be deep-cleaned with soda-blasting, harsh chemicals, or abrasive brushes, the anilox roll cleaner begins stripping away old ink until the anilox chamber & ink systems have a “like-new” clean—and then stay that way!

These anilox roll cleaners are water-based solvents designed exclusively for flexographic inks. The solvents have an applied pH of ~9.0, they are non-hazardous to machinery or operators and can be used with no additional safety protection.

The cleaners are designed to ensure frequent, prompt, and thorough cleaning during order-change periods.

By using our Anilox roll and ink system cleaners, your print stations can look this clean all day, every day. Please explore the Application, Results and Media tabs above to find out more.


InKlean is an organic, non caustic ink remover that is extremely effective while safe to use and designed to work with both water based and solvent ink types.

InKlean is composed of a unique blend of safe, water based solvents that liquify dried ink rapidly without any corrosive or hazardous effects on your operators or equipment. Many competing cleaners require a high PH to work and can cause metal corrosion, skin burns and print plate damage. InKlean, on the other hand, utilizes specifically targeted solvents and environmentally safe ingredients and has a concentrated PH of only 9.9. This means it is never corrosive in either concentrated or diluted form and still provides fast and thorough cleaning of anilox rolls, ink chambers, print plates and anywhere ink buildup is found in your plant.

It has been independently tested and certified to be safe on polymer print plates as well without causing swelling or tackiness. The non caustic solvents penetrate dried ink deep inside the anilox cell to restore cell volume. With regular use, it’s proven to eliminate the need for soda blasting as well.

  • No adverse waste water reactions
  • Approved for use in AIB-compliant food packaging plants
  • Registered in NSF Whitebook, FDA and Prop 65 compliant
  • Non hazardous
  • Gentle on operators and equipment with a concentrated PH of 9.9
  • Zero VOC, Zero HAP and Biodegradable
  • Meets environmental and safety standards in all 50 states
  • Compliant with all US air permits
  • Highly Concentrated – dilutes between 30:1 – 50:1 on average
  • Manufactured in the USA by Enviro-Tech Solutions

Anilox Roll Cells

anilox roll cells before and after Evolution Bioclean cleaning

Ink Pan

ink pan before and after CST Systems cleaning

Printing Blanket

printing blanket before and after system cleaning

Roll condition before & after 6 washes

dirty ink system roll
clean ink system roll condition
In Klean