Digital Measuring Amplifier

Digital Measuring Amplifier

Complete Tension Control System – Isobox

Digital measuring amplifier for strain gauge bridge, equipped with a 24-bit acquisition circuit with programmable gain, of 3 analog outputs to a control unit and a digital input for a reset of the outputs from remote.

In basic mode, it allows you to adjust the zero setup (calibration) of the analog signal and to increase / decrease the output gain through an interface with three dedicated keys; the output voltage to the control unit continuously appears on the display. This allows carrying out the adjustment in the field without using external tools (tester or screwdrivers).

In advanced mode, (activated with a special key combination), you can program all the parameters of the operation unit using the keyboard and the display: zero, gain full scale of the filter on the signal, threshold values for alarms, etc.

In normal operation, the display shows the voltage measurement, processed according to current parameters, while the two digital outputs report two alarms when the limits are exceeded.

Also available with RS485, CANopen or Profibus DPV1 DS404 interfaces.


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