Evolution Starch Off – Starch Remover

Evolution Starch Off – Starch Remover

Optimized Biodegradable ENZYME Control

Our starch remover is a cutting-edge “Cleaning in Place” and optimized blend of enzyme-based detergents that remove starch build-ups overnight or during downtime, without using dangerous, corrosive or caustic cleaners. Your corrugator will be clean in 4 hours or less!

It is the most exciting breakthrough in starch removal, wastewater, and equipment maintenance today.

Evolution Starch Off is optimized, unique, simple, safe and effective.

  • Low PH
  • Approved for use in AIB-compliant food packaging plants
  • Registered in NSF Whitebook, FDA and Prop 65 compliant
  • Available in a one month pre-portioned Ready to Use Kit
  • Breaks up resin buildup
  • Reduced board delamination
  • Reduced board warping
  • Ease of use in existing machinery
  • Increased productivity
  • Unique enzyme-based solution
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Gain time/manpower resources
  • Reduced water usage

Evolution Starch Off

WHY ENZYMES? Enzymes are biological molecule catalysts that act on other molecules like starch. They don’t get used up in each reaction and can work in the right condition until all the starch is broken apart and dissolved. Enzymes are a part of nature and are fully biodegradable.

STOP USING CAUSTIC OR CHLORINE CLEANERS! There are no hazardous waste products in the EVOLUTION STARCH OFF enzyme process. By using EVOLUTION STARCH OFF, you remove the need for corrosive cleaners. You also remove the undissolved solids and corrosive cleansers from your wastewater, reducing your wastewater process costs.

HOW IS IT SUPPLIED? It is supplied in 264 gal bulk containers or 55 gal drums to be diluted at 1:5 to 1:10 with water. It can be applied manually or automatically.


before and after anilox and ink clean from CST Systems


roll condition before and after anilox and ink system cleaning


before and after anilox and ink system cleaning from CST Systems


starch removal before CST Systems
after CST Systems starch remover
Starch Off starch removal product