Differential Rewind Shaft

Differential Rewind Shaft

The MFW-RS series differential rewind shaft uses a pneumo-mechanical system to wind materials of varying thicknesses.

  • Core Diameters: 50 / 70 / 76,2 / 150 / 152,4 / Special sizes on request
  • Air Supply: Axial or Radial
  • Journal Design: customized to your equipment requirement
  • Body: Steel body, Chromium-plated
  • Variety of clamping devices

    Differential Rewind Shaft

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    Specification friction shaft series MFW-K

    Location of air valve:
    Location of drive/brake:

    Core data

    01.0 core I.D. mm
    02.0 tolerance mm
    03.0 core O.D. mm
    04.0 core material

    Journal information

    journal length ZL. mm mm
    journal design ZF. mm mm
    round Ø mm mm
    square mm mm
    triangular mm mm
    journal quality ZQ

    journal detail Diagram Point

    Web data

    05.0 max. width
    05.4 min. width
    06.0 multiple cores
    06.1 number of cores
    06.2 min. core width
    07.0 max. roll diameter (for 05.0)
    07.4 max. roll diameter (for 05.4)
    08.0 max. weight at max. width
    08.4 max. weight at min. width
    08.5 max. weight each reel
    12.0 web material
    13.0 max. rpm
    13.1 max. speed
    15.0 max. tension
    15.1 min. tension
    16.0 max. torque
    16.1 min. torque
    16.2 max. torque per cores
    16.3 min. torque per cores

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