JS Printer FFG

JS Printer FFG

This is the open/close model flexo folder gluer that requires the operator to open the machine between each order to mount printing plates for the next job. It’s a traditional open/close model flexo folder gluer that your plant can count on for dependability and steady output.

This machine is priced lower than the JS Folder FFG, however, it still has some unique selling points beneficial to the customer worth noting:

●      Lenze servo feeder
●      Serrapid system
●      Stripper section
●      Recreasing in folder
●      Ceramic vacuum transfer wheels
●      Affordable consumption of spare parts
●      No transformer required – 460/480V
●      All locally available electrical components & support (Siemens/Lenze/Sick)
●      Preventative Maintenance System built into DCS/PLC

 Many Sizes Available

●      Mini 618
●      820
●      924
●      1224
●      1228